Sunset over the Atlantic

The sunset seems more beautiful when it's 360 degrees around you, with nothing inbetween you and the horizon. Here from the Atlantic.

Hi! My name is Morten and I'm happy you're here.

This site - my digital home - logs my doings and makings, beings and thinkings. Whatever I engage with, I seek the edge - this site is meant to give a taste of that.

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Considering Context When Acquiring Gear For Bike Touring, and a few other humble tips

Rather frequently I get asked for advice on bike touring, particularly with regards to what bike and gear to get. I love when people ask me for advice, and I happily give it. What recommendations I give really depends on the context of the tour, and I feel that the point of what is adequate […]


Roof deck on an Agile Hexayurt

“Your yurt is so strong, you could put a deck on top of it it no problem”. True. And sounded like the kind of idea that one wouldn’t ever do. So I had to do it, of course, because I can. Here’s the run-down.


8×4 Plywood = 2xStools + 1xTable, using Trapezoids

If you find yourself in a setting where you have a standard 8′ x 4′ (feet) sheet of ~thick plywood (like 3/4”), and need simple stools and table, it is very possible to make these in a fairly short amount of time (~1 days work) with minimal tools and materials. Here is how. (( comment […]


How To: Install A Skylight On Your Hexayurt

Today I installed a skylight in my agile yurt. Tomorrow I will celebrate the coming of February 2013 basking in morning sun in my bed. Right now I’ll write this little post, explaining the process, challenges and learnings – I imagine I’m not the only fan of skylights – and even tiny houses deserve them […]


Agile Building Works [Yurt 3.0]

Is it possible to completely transform the structural skeleton and roof of a small building (and home!) in the span of a weekend, during heavy rain, having majority of furniture stay in the building without getting wet?


Agile Indeed! [Yurt v2.0]

What I wrote in my first post about the yurt – that it was going to be a continuous project of mine – has proven itself true. Actually it did already half a year ago as I kept improving the yurt while living in it during my second stay in the Bay Area – but those were […]