Turtle-protection in Nicragua

This photo is from a beach near Leon in Nicaragua; the hut is used by local volounteers on 'turtle watch duty'.

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Considering Context When Acquiring Gear For Bike Touring, and a few other humble tips

Rather frequently I get asked for advice on bike touring, particularly with regards to what bike and gear to get. I love when people ask me for advice, and I happily give it. What recommendations I give really depends on the context of the tour, and I feel that the point of what is adequate […]


Roof deck on an Agile Hexayurt

“Your yurt is so strong, you could put a deck on top of it it no problem”. True. And sounded like the kind of idea that one wouldn’t ever do. So I had to do it, of course, because I can. Here’s the run-down.


8×4 Plywood = 2xStools + 1xTable, using Trapezoids

If you find yourself in a setting where you have a standard 8′ x 4′ (feet) sheet of ~thick plywood (like 3/4”), and need simple stools and table, it is very possible to make these in a fairly short amount of time (~1 days work) with minimal tools and materials. Here is how. (( comment […]


How To: Install A Skylight On Your Hexayurt

Today I installed a skylight in my agile yurt. Tomorrow I will celebrate the coming of February 2013 basking in morning sun in my bed. Right now I’ll write this little post, explaining the process, challenges and learnings – I imagine I’m not the only fan of skylights – and even tiny houses deserve them […]


Agile Building Works [Yurt 3.0]

Is it possible to completely transform the structural skeleton and roof of a small building (and home!) in the span of a weekend, during heavy rain, having majority of furniture stay in the building without getting wet?


Agile Indeed! [Yurt v2.0]

What I wrote in my first post about the yurt – that it was going to be a continuous project of mine – has proven itself true. Actually it did already half a year ago as I kept improving the yurt while living in it during my second stay in the Bay Area – but those were […]